Union Elections 2019: Exit Poll Results


Voting in the Spring 2019 Student Union Elections closed at 4PM today, as did our exit poll. We can now reveal the results of our polling.

In previous years, we have had success in predicting some of the actual results in advance. Last year, for example, our exit poll correctly predicted the results of 5 of the-then 7 roles up for grabs and even in the two polls which were incorrect, merely had the winners in the runner-up spot instead.

However, this remains still an exit poll, so be sure to follow our coverage of the results later today!

Union President: Emily Harrison Leads Our Exit Poll

Our polling for Union President, which is based on 160 respondents, suggests that Emily Harrison will likely be elected President. It’s important to note RON’s (Re-Open Nominations) vote share leapt up considerably following the news earlier today of Henry Hill’s disqualification.

VP Education and Democracy (Deputy President): Jessica Harding Has a Narrow Lead in Our Exit Poll

Jessica Harding takes top spot in our VP Education and Democracy poll, with the remaining candidates on relatively even shares of the vote. Will Jessica win on the night?

VP Welfare and Community: Fleur MacInnes Has a Narrow Lead in Our Exit Poll

In this close-fought race, Fleur MacInnes tops our exit poll with 38.71% of the 124 votes cast in our exit poll. However, neither Laura Elizabeth Barr, nor George Hart, are too far behind.

VP Activities: Tight Race Expected

Abigail Mustard won our VP Activities exit poll, but only by two votes over Fiona Sunderland. Corin Holloway trails a little in third, although this was a three-way tussle for much of the exit poll’s duration. Will Abigail Mustard be top of the candidate spread on the night?

VP Sports: Olivia Reed Almost Certain To Win

As might be expected, the sole candidate for VP Sports, Olivia Reed, has come out on top in our exit poll against RON. However, RON has picked up a higher vote share than might be perhaps expected.

Based on the response rate to each of our exit polls, we also expect Union President to have the greatest turnout and VP Activities the lowest. Overall, regardless of the reduced voting period, turnout has by all accounts been steady compared to last year.

Be sure to follow our coverage of the election results this evening to see who gets elected, to both sabbatical and non-sabbatical roles.


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