All-Student Vote for Students’ Union to Support a People’s Vote on Brexit


SUSU have opened an all-student vote on whether they should formally back a People’s Vote, or second referendum, on Brexit.

The question which will be asked reads as follows:

Should SUSU support the national campaign for a People’s Vote on Brexit?

All students – domestic, international and EU – are entitled to vote. For the vote to achieve quoracy – in simple terms, have a high enough turnout to actually be deemed a true representation of students’ opinions – at least 10% (2,098) of the student population must vote. If this is achieved, a subsequent simple majority will determine SUSU’s position going forward.

The vote is open from now until 1PM on Friday 22nd March.

In the event of a ‘Yes’ vote, the following steps are outlined as what SUSU will implement:

  • Publicly lend our voice to national campaigns such as For Our Future’s Sake and People’s Vote UK on behalf of our members
  • Actively look to facilitate events promoting a People’s Vote
  • Lobby local politicians and MPs to support a second referendum
  • Raise awareness and promote opportunities for students to get involved in events and political demonstrations such as the “Put it to the People: People’s Vote” march happening this Saturday 23rd March
  • Continue to facilitate our members to debate and discuss all points of view, including giving a platform to campaigns both for and against a second referendum on Brexit

In the case of a ‘No’ or rejection vote, SUSU will take ‘no official stance’ on the issue.

In a blog post announcing the news, the student union’s position during the original 2016 referendum of supporting Remain is referenced:

When the referendum was held, the Union backed remain, citing a negative impact on higher education and graduate opportunities as key reasons for this decision.

A previous student vote held during Freshers’ events at the beginning of the academic year is referenced as supporting demand for the vote to decide the Union’s position:

Over the Freshers’ period, Evie Reilly, VP Democracy and Creative Industries held a consultation at Union Fayre and the WSA Big Day asking students whether they thought there should be a people’s vote and if it was something that the Union should support. The results of this were:

Yes there should be a people’s vote: 203

No there shouldn’t be a vote: 54

Clearly, even from this small sample, this is something that students have strong opinions on.

We exist to unlock the potential and enrich the life of every student. We are here to represent you. We are holding an All Student Vote so that, as a Union, we can represent student views on the national campaign for a people’s vote.

It’s then stated that ‘many students’ have asked the students’ union to ‘back the People’s Vote campaign’, but to do so, the Union requires ‘a democratic mandate from our members’.

To vote, click here and log in.


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