Southampton RAG Invites You to LOST 2019 Info Meetings On 21st and 26th March


12 hours and 99 miles to race back to Southampton. Throw in a variety of challenges which if you complete reduce your designated finish time and all while helping raise money for worthy charitable causes. Do all that and you have Southampton RAG’s annual LOST99 extravaganza.

Nicknamed ‘Jailbreak’s little brother’, LOST 2019 offers an opportunity both to those who missed out on the adventures of that event and anyone who participated who’s keen to improve their travel skills.

Southampton RAG are holding two info meetings for those interested in participating and who want to find out more about how it works exactly – besides the LOST99 tradition of being taken out on a coach and placed in a field – before signing up. The meetings are:

  • Thursday 22nd March, 6-7PM, B58 (Murray Building), Room 1039.
  • Tuesday 26th March, 6-7PM, B58 (Murray Building), Room 1039.

Update – to buy tickets for LOST 2019, please click here. Don’t leave it too late though as ticket sales which originally were planned to end on 29th March have been extended to Friday 5th April.


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