SUSU and Henry Hill release a joint statement on the Spring Elections 2019


Today, the Student Union released a joint statement with Henry Hill about his disqualification from the Union Elections.

Earlier this month, Henry Hill was disqualified from the Spring Elections for overspending during his campaign to be Union President.

The blog covers these main things:

  • It states that Henry accepts that he overspent on the campaign however ‘he does not believe that all the other evidence submitted to Union Senate was entirely clear and accurate, especially regarding his campaign video and whether he claimed to be making it in association with the University of Southampton’.
  • The Union accepts that, apart from the overspend, there is ambiguity around some of the remaining evidence’ and that ‘whilst the existing governance rules were correctly followed during the process, these rules are far from ideal’.
  • To solve this, the Union has decided to work with Henry Hill and his campaign team in order to help make the elections and other processes both fairer and more transparent in the future’.

At the end, the blog encourages students to get in touch with any ideas they have about the governance rules review by emailing

‘Henry and the Union are pleased to now be working together in order to improve our governance processes and the elections experience for all students in the future’.


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