Sexual Consent Awareness Student Survey Closes on Sunday 31st March


The Sexual Consent Awareness Society has had their ‘SCA Survey’ out since October 2018, to get responses from as many students as possible concerning sexual assault and rape while at the University of Southampton.

The President of SCA is working with SUSU staff and sabbatical officers, as well as the University, to develop a response to the situation revealed in the survey. They are closing in on 800 responses, and the deadline for this survey is this Sunday, 31st March.

Throughout April they will be developing a proposal and response to the survey, the decisions and progress of which should be released to students in the month of May.

Laura Barr, President of SCA and next academic year’s SUSU Vice-President Welfare and Communities, has said this about the survey:

This student consultation is fundamental in both hearing the student voice and experiences of what is happening to us, as well as in busting myths around sexual assault and rape. This survey will show the reality of the situation, and so far they are very much in line with national statistics. The survey includes questions about knowing friends who have experienced forms of sexual violence, whether people themselves are worried to whether they have overstepped boundaries, as well as details such as where the experience happened, the experiences of survivors in accessing and experiencing support services, and SUSU’s and the University’s role in preventing and responding to this. It is going to show us in a serious way where the target areas are for us to look into, and really make a change. Your student voice is absolutely vital to this process.

The survey is completely anonymous, and will not be used to identify any situation, person or experience. It is recommended that if you wish to officially report an experience, to speak to someone in SUSU or use the SUSU Harassment Tool.

To complete the survey, click here.



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