Jubilee Swimming Pool Changing Rooms to be Refurbished in The Summer


Jubilee Sports Centre swimming pool changing rooms will be closed and refurbished over the summer after July exams. The refurbishment will see the installation of unisex toilets and disabled changing spaces.

In a SUSSED post announcing the renovation of facilities, feedback from a consultation of student users is cited as having highlighted the need ‘to be able to give more flexibility to different user groups, providing more privacy whilst maintaining the community feel that many people value’. It details that the new layout will include a unisex changing area and two group changing areas, which will ‘allow people to make a choice about their preferred changing environment’. The shower system will also be completely updated and a costume spinner installed.

After the changes, single cubicles will increase from the current total of 6 with 3 each for male and female, to 14 unisex cubicles, while all 6 WC facilities will be converted to unisex use. As well as the two group changing areas, there will also be 4 family and disabled changing spaces. The total number of shower facilities will increase as well, although overall locker space will be reduced from the current mix of 52 large and 94 small lockers to 90 large lockers only. The wonderfully named vanity spaces, the technical term for a bathroom sink or basin and the storage that surrounds it, will also be doubled in number and allow for the use of hairdryers.

The renovation work is expected to last until the end of the summer break for most students. During the work period the swimming pool will remain open, but users will have to use other changing room facilities in the building.

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