SUSU Summer Elections Nominations Open Until 1PM on 14th May


The nomination period for SUSU Summer elections is open until 1PM on Monday 14th May.

A total of 8 Student Officer roles are up for election, with hyperlinks linking to role descriptions where possible:

One Student Trustee position, the role of Postgraduate Research Representative and the Chair of Union Senate, who oversees the student body which holds SUSU and sabbatical officers to account, are also up for election. The last Union Senate meeting of this academic year will take place on 8th May at 6PM in the main SUSU building (B42).

Aside from the positions already mentioned, the roles of faculty officers and school and department presidents are also available for nomination to.

To nominate yourself for the Summer elections, click here. After nominations close, elections will take place almost immediately, from 9AM on Wednesday 15th May to Friday 17th May at 4PM.


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