POP Pilates Society Are Holding a Month-Long Raffle to Fundraise for Equipment


The recently formed student-run POP Pilates Society are running a raffle through the month of May to help raise funds for equipment for the society. Prizes include an Amazon Echo Dot, 2x £20 Mango Thai Tapas vouchers and an ultimate gin maker’s kit.

Credit: Sarah Garnett/POP Pilates Society.
Credit: Sarah Garnett/POP Pilates Society.

POP Pilates Society was formed last September originally as an offshoot of MedSoc Society, until January when it was granted SUSU affiliation. The purpose of the society is to make people feel good primarily through exercise and secondarily via charity work. The society has already linked up with Solent Mind and hope to do more charity work in the future.

In order to keep their members’ fitness sessions safe and enjoyable though and to be able to cater for potentially larger society numbers in the next academic year, they’re seeking funds for equipment via a month-long raffle. 22 separate prizes are available, ranging from meal vouchers, to a 4 litre mini fridge, to a bungee jumping experience.

While one ticket costs £2, there is no limit on the number of tickets an individual can purchase to help increase their chances of winning the gin maker’s kit, or any other prize that catches their eye. Tickets are available to buy until 30th May with a prize draw taking place on 5th June. Prizes will be available to collect from Southampton.

To view the list of raffle prizes in full and purchase tickets, click here.

Credit: Sarah Garnett/POP Pilates Society.
Credit: Sarah Garnett/POP Pilates Society.

While the society has no specific fundraising figure in mind, POP Pilates President Sarah Garnett told Wessex Scene that £500 ‘would be amazing to raise’ and £1,000 ‘even more amazing’, but the success of the raffle is ultimately ‘dependent on how many tickets people are willing to buy and how much the raffle gets shared’.


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