Optics and Photonics Society Seek Volunteer Help for Range of LGBT+ STEM Events in July


The Optics and Photonics Society (OpSoc for short) are seeking help to aid in their running of a number of LGBT+-themed events in early July, including panel member interest for an event on 4th July discussing diversity issues in science.

OpSoc is comprised of postgraduate research students in the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering and related departments. It was formed by students of the Optoelectronics Research Centre as ‘a means to communicate their research to both internal and external audiences’. The society is planning to run a host of activities in July to celebrate LGBT+ scientists:

  • 4th July, 18:30PM panel discussion on diversity issues in science at The Art House café – the panel will be comprised of researchers and professionals from the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) with a hoped for public audience of 40. Refreshments will be provided to panellists and a questionnaire distributed at the end on the importance of LGBT+ voices in science.
  • 5th July, 10AM-12PM, B53 Common Room – a special guest talk by University of Southampton optoelectronics research fellow Dr Sam Berry on diversity and gender equality at 11AM. The event will also allow women researchers to share their research experience and view on being a woman in the optical sciences field. A lunch networking session will be held afterwards. This event is supported by the OSA Foundation and will be held on LGBTSTEM Day.
  • A baking competition about diversity issues to be held at the same 5th July event. Cakes will be judged on quality but also should be rainbow, ‘respect the spectrum’ themed.
  • Outreach and networking activities, including a stand in the city centre.
  • A night out at Southampton’s largest and most popular gay nightclub, The Edge, on the 5th July.
Credit: Charlotte Willcox.
Credit: Charlotte Willcox.

OpSoc is seeking further panel member interest for the event on 4th July and any volunteer help that people would be able to provide to enable their series of events to be a resounding success. To indicate interest or find out more, simply email OpSoc’s Diversity Officer Katarzyna Grabska on K.M.Grabska@soton.ac.uk.


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