Southampton PhD Student Wins the BAE Systems 2019 ICASE Award for Innovative Research


Geir Ólafsson, a PhD student in the School of Engineering, was awarded the prize for his PhD research on ‘non-destructive examination of composite to steel joints in the marine environment’.

Following the award, Geir said:

I’m really proud to have been nominated for the award, let alone win it. The support I have had from BAE Systems has been brilliant. Right from the start I’ve had access to people, expertise and facilities to help me carry out my research. I think the fact this is an industrially relevant project is just fantastic.

Geir’s supervisor, Professor Janice Barton within the School of Engineering Sciences, said:

I am delighted that Geir received the award, he is an excellent student, and it is very well deserved. From my perspective as an academic, it has been a great experience working with BAE Systems Naval Ships and utilising my expertise in mechanics to support Geir’s project. His PhD will contribute to more sustainable shipping with impact across the commercial sector, as well as in naval applications, by providing more lightweight and durable alternatives to conventional ship construction

Geir’s ‘industrially relevant’ project specifically looked at joints for new Royal Navy ship designs, such as the Type 26 Global Combat Frigate that has a class prototype currently under construction at BAE Systems, Glasgow. The project utilises highly sensitive thermal imaging equipment to measure the strength of his synthetic materials and the stress that different manoeuvres exert on the theoretical joint structures. His work could contribute to the development of new lightweight and sleeker hull structures for both military and commercial use that are able to travel at much faster speeds as well as carry higher loads.

A Royal Navy Destroyer. Credit: Photo: LA(Phot) Nicky Wilson/MOD [OGL v1.0 (]
Southampton has a proactive ICASE studentship engagement with BAE Systems, with other active studentships being within the field of Engineering, Electronics, Physics and Business.


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