Sports and Wellbeing to Reduce Their Membership Prices


From 1st August this year, the University’s gym membership scheme, Sports and Wellbeing, will have pricing adjustments, seeing a reduction with the membership prices for the Peak Performer and Sports Pass deals.

In a Facebook post, VP Sports Olivia Reed explains that the purpose of this price reduction in membership is part of Sports and Wellbeing’s aim ‘to make sports more exclusive and accessible’. 

A table on the University’s website shows that the Peak Performer one year contract has been reduced by £10 for the 2019/2020 academic year, going from a price of £230 per year to £220 per year.

Meanwhile, the annual Sports Pass contract – an essential buy for all students participating in University sports teams – has seen an £11 reduction for the next academic year, going from £110 to £99.

Workout Central, the monthly membership for students, is also seeing a reduction from £20 a month to £14.99 a month. However, Sports and Wellbeing are also implementing a £20 joining fee for all new monthly contracts.

Although this fee won’t apply for students currently on the Workout Central contract, it will be enforced for all new members who decide to purchase this membership in the future.

In a statement on the University website, Sports and Wellbeing said:

These amendments have been implemented for efficiency and to ensure our facilities and services become more affordable and available to increase participation in physical activity.

Our aim is to make Sport and Wellbeing inclusive, accessible and ensure the services we provide enhance and create active lifestyles for our students, staff and the local community.

Existing members of Sports and Wellbeing will be emailed to inform them of any changes to their current pricing plan.

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