National Student Survey (NSS) Results are Good News for Student Satisfaction


On Wednesday 3rd July, the National Student Survey (NSS) 2019 results were published. This is a survey taken by finalist students all over the UK, and is designed to indicate the latest consensus on various aspects of the student experience like academic support, teaching quality and how much universities listen to the student voice.

For the University of Southampton, it was good news for them as the overall student satisfaction score in this year’s survey was recorded as being 84.7% – a 0.7% improvement on 2018 results and an overall 1.7% improvement of their 2017 score of an overall 83%.

In a blog post on the University’s website, Alex Neill, Vice-President Education said:

This is great news, and evidence of how effective the efforts of all our staff have been in delivering an excellent student experience here at Southampton. Many thanks to everyone for their work – and of course to the students who completed the survey.

Although the student satisfaction results are clearly on an upward trajectory as of late, they are yet to return to the levels seen in 2016, when the NSS survey recorded student satisfaction levels of 86%.

For more detailed resources/data displaying the results of the 2019 survey, click here.


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