University of Southampton Takes Part in 5G ‘Hacking’ Event


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This week an event was held at the University of Bristol exploring ‘Urban Hacking in 5G’ in their innovative Smart Internet Lab.

This consortium of industry pioneers from across the globe came together to showcase the innovations made in technology. The event, co-ordinated by the University of Southampton, put 5G technology at the forefront of the four day showcase.

Creative Software teams came together to compete to design applications that innovated and drastically improved technology in urban areas of Bristol. They used the  ‘FLAME mobile edge computing platform’ a new form of technology used to change the game in sustainable technology.

These teams, known more fondly as ‘Hackers’ were able to explore ideas such as exploring personal memories on a visual platform, from across the city, to a panel of judges. The winners, a team called ‘Aces’ proposed an interactive technology which could allow people to experience a tour of their city across history.

The co-ordinator of the event Professor Michael Boniface said:

We have been demonstrating the benefits of 5G, which for FLAME is to localise interaction and delivery of content between citizens who want to publish and consume that content without necessarily relying on distant public clouds.

By holding an event like this, universities are able to see the application of FLAME in the furthering of 5G technology in Britain’s urban areas.


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