Woman Left Bloody after Attack in Oceana


A young woman had to receive hospital treatment for wounds left by an attack at Oceana Nightclub.

The incident occurred around 01:30 a.m. Friday 20th June on the dance floor at Oceana Nightclub, when a dark-haired man in a grey polo shirt attacked lashed out at a fellow clubber, Paige, who was left with bleeding facial injuries.

Following the violent encounter, Paige’s friend Kate urged via social media for anyone with information to contact the police immediately to help locate the assailant. This received an overwhelming support from the public as well as shock.

Hampshire Constabulary investigated the incident and were reported to have surveyed CCTV footage of the site. They have confirmed that they have found and are currently interviewing the attacker.

Hampshire And Iow News who originally reported the incident on Facebook said:

“Paige is said to be doing well and thanks are sent to all who have shared the appeal and words of well wishes.”


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