Southampton Council of Faiths Annual Peace Walk to Return This Sunday


A peace walk is taking place around the city to visit people of different faiths in their communities.

Southampton Council of Faiths Annual Peace Walk takes place on Sunday, 7th July. It starts at 12.15pm at the Queens Fountain in East Park, Above Bar Street and, as part of the Walk, visits various places of worship. These include Medina Mosque, Southampton Synagogue, Nanaksar Gurudwara, Friends Meeting House and Central Baptist Church.

The walk, which is organised by Southampton’s Council of Faiths, aims to promote a message of breaking down barriers and embracing multiculturalism through bringing people of different faiths together.

In a conversation with the Daily Echo, organiser David Vane had this to say about the walk:

Lots of people have never been in a mosque or a temple or synagogue so it’s just about showing people what they are like and what people do in them.

The walk is set to stop at the Abu Bhakr mosque for lunch, before heading to the Vedic Sikh Temple and then to the Gurudwara Temple before concluding at St Mary’s Church.

The event will be open to everyone.


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