International Students Targeted by Phone Scam


The University has been made aware of a scam which targets international students.

The scam involves receiving a phone call from somebody claiming to represent the Embassy of the student’s home country informing the student that they owe additional money. Whilst this phone call may appear to be convincing, this is not the case – students do not owe any additional money. The scammer may provide a website or app through which they request the student pay them a sum of money, which can total thousands of pounds.

If you receive a phone call like this, you should end the call and block the number. You should not visit the website or download the app they have provided, and should not transfer them any money.

If you have been targeted, or have any concerns, please visit the Student Services Centre who will be able to advise you. They are located in Building 37 on Highfield Campus, and are open from 8:30am – 6pm Monday to Friday. Alternatively, you can call them on +44(0)23 8059 9599, email them at, or use their online chat service here which is available from 10am-4pm Monday to Friday.

Additionally, if you have been targeted, please contact Action Fraud by telephone on +44 (0) 30 0123 2040.


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