Student Member of Extinction Rebellion Climbs University Building in Protest at University’s Industrial Partnership with Climate Criminals


Featured Image Credit: Unsplash/Joël de Vriend

An Environmental Science student scaled a university building at the university open day on the 7th of July.

The student, who is a member of the protest group which have been gaining considerable publicity in recent months, Extinction Rebellion, scaled a university building with a banner to protest in front of prospective students and parents.

They were protesting the university’s affiliation with Shell, ExxonMobil and BAE systems while also calling for the University administration to declare a ‘climate emergency’. Similar calls have been made across the country, including in London, which may have been utilised in the Government decision to declare a ‘climate emergency’.

The student has said this:

The university prepares students for working within these organisations and paints them as worthwhile career prospects. They do not give a balanced view of who they are and what they do. The university works with many dubious organisations but the three main targets of my action are ExxonMobil, Shell and BAE Systems. These three global giants have been instrumental in politically destabilising whole regions for economic gain, causing the mass destruction of life and livelihoods, and manipulating global environmental policy. In addition, BAE have been accused of putting UK national security in jeopardy by the UK Government by selling spying software to human rights violators Saudi Arabia.

Extinction Rebellion argues that public research institutions and any other companies investing in research for the public good shouldn’t be associating themselves with fossil fuel burning corporations.

Ex-lecturer of Philosophy and Extinction Rebellion advocate Ray Monk told us:

I fully support the protestor. In this time of climate emergency, universities should not be in partnerships with companies that put vast amounts of carbon into the atmosphere and take massive amounts of fossil fuels out of the ground.

The University has not yet commented on the protest.


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