University of Southampton Archeology, Ocean and Earth Science Researchers to Feature in Documentary


A two-part documentary based on a three-year project exploring the depths of the Black Sea is set to feature a research project headed by a team of University of Southampton academics.

The documentary covers how using advanced mapping technology, the team surveyed more than 2,000 sq. km of seabed.

They recovered 400m geological core samples as well as discovering artefacts such as Roman trading vessels and a 17th century raiding fleet.

In a statement on the University’s website, Professor Jon Adams, one of the academics involved in the project said:

The two films document us using some of the world’s most advanced underwater survey systems to record unparalleled discoveries in truly stunning imagery.

As part of the international Black Sea Maritime Archeology Project, the team led scientific explorations in the area and found 65 shipwrecks that were in an unusually preserved state.

They also discovered the world’s oldest intact underwater wreck, which dates back to 400BC.

The two-part documentary will be airing on More4, with the first instalment tonight (Monday 8th July) at 9pm and the second instalment at the same time the following Monday.


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