Southampton is “The Most Frugal” City in the UK


Research conducted by website Voucher Codes found that 43% of Southampton residents never throw away or waste food.

In the UK, the average household throws away £6.84 of unused food a week. This totals to £355.68 a year, and £9.7 billion across the UK.

The study with 2000 adults in the UK found that 43% of Southampton respondents reported never throwing away or wasting food. This makes the city the “most frugal” in the UK when it comes to money or food.

Across the UK, 65% of adults reported buying “too much food” which is then thrown away.

In the 18 to 34-year-old age group, 80% of them reported throwing away food every week.

Over-55s are much more frugal, with 47% stating that they never throw food away.


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