Trump Slams Outgoing May As Leak Fiasco Rages On


President Donald Trump has heavily criticised Theresa May and the British Government, as the fallout following the leaking of memos and notes of the British Ambassador to the United States continues.  In secret memos, leaked to the Mail on Sunday, the Ambassador Sir Kim Darroch described the Trump Administration as ‘inept’ and ‘incompetent.’  Mr Darroch, who began his post a few months prior to President Trump’s inauguration also described the President himself as ‘radiating insecurity’.

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Mr Trump responded to the leak by attacking Mr Darroch on Twitter (Below):

The President also used his following to lambaste the Prime Minister, revealing that he was personally glad that the UK was about to have a change in leader.  The war of words continued in an interview in Washington today where he stated that:

“The Ambassador has not served the UK well…I can tell you that.”

Mr Trump’s vendetta against Mr Darroch has since threatened to boil over, with the BBC reporting that Tom Tugendhat, chairman of the foreign affairs committee, has submitted a request to the Met Police that they open a criminal investigation into the matter.  The government itself has launched its own inquiry after distancing itself from Mr Darroch’s comments.

In terms of what this means for the future of US/UK relations remains to be seen.  Mr Trump is adamant that the US will no longer deal with Mr Darroch.  However, he will likely leave his post upon Theresa May’s replacement taking office later on this month.  How either Jeremy Hunt or Boris Johnson look to repair the breakdown in trust that is now in play will be one of the biggest tests of the early part of their premiership.


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