Westquay to Have ‘Quiet Hour’ For Shoppers with Sensory Issues


Westquay have recently introduced a ‘quiet hour’ scheme in a bid to make shopping more accessible for those who would usually experience a sensory overload in West Quay due to its’ size, crowds, lights and noise.

The scheme began on Monday 1st July between 9am and 10am, and will be expected to continue every Monday between 9am and 10am for the foreseeable future.

The Quiet Hour involves Westquay and retailers taking steps to make their stores more accessible, with lights being dimmed and music being turned down to enable visitors to shop in a less intense environment.

The centre itself will also ensure that background noise, tannoy announcements and lighting is minimised during this time to assist shoppers with sensory issues.

In a conversation with the Daily Echo, Andy Collyer, General Manager of Westquay, said this:

At Westquay we pride ourselves in offering a brilliant shopping and leisure experience for everyone … We strive to offer an amazing space for friends and family to shop, connect and have fun and the introduction of our weekly Quiet Hour is just another step in our ongoing efforts to ensure a brilliant experience for all.

Simultaneous to this, John Lewis & Partners in Westquay have also introduced an autism-friendly shoe-fitting scheme, which involves fitting shoes in an environment more suited to the child’s needs.

This service is available to book during any time during John Lewis & Partners’ trading hours.


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