South East Residents Among the Least Likely In The UK To Talk To Their Neighbours


A study recently conducted by home interiors specialists ‘Hillary’s’ has revealed that British residents are getting friendlier with their neighbours, with two thirds admitting they speak to their neighbours regularly and a further two in five revealing they know the majority of their neighbours by name.

This came after a 2016 survey revealed that many Britons did not even know their neighbours’ names. The 2019 study spans 12 regions and aimed to find out if Britain has begun to get to know their neighbours better.

People were asked if they spoke regularly (at least once a week) with their neighbours, and whether this would be long or short conversations, to which two thirds of respondents claimed that they did (66%). Talking about issues with their neighbourhood topped the list of topics spoken about (78%) followed by the weather (55%) and plans for the day (49%).

Two in five respondents revealed they knew the majority of their neighbours by name (41%). Unlike the 2016 poll in which one in three could not name any of their neighbours, just one in nine (11%) said this was the case now.

However, the South East was the region second to most likely to not speak to their neighbours regularly, with only 2% of people surveyed saying they do so.




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