Southampton University Overturn Discrimination Payout


A recent employment tribunal judgement awarding a former professor £2.5 million on the grounds of discrimination has now been overturned following a successful appeal by the University.

Last month, Richard Werner, a professor of International Banking at the University between April 2004 and July 2018, was awarded £2.5 million at an employment tribunal.

Professor Werner, who is known for coining the term ‘quantitative easing’, resigned in July 2018. He claims that he was the subject of numerous investigations, and also argues that his German nationality and Christian faith made him the victim of ‘harassment and bullying’ throughout his employment. He also accused the university of refusing him sabbatical leave to work on his book whilst other colleagues got the same privilege. Other accusations include the University allegedly denying him holiday as well as a promotion, the result of a decision which he believes was based on his nationality and religion.

The University failed to attend last month’s tribunal, and this is something that presiding Employment Judge Mark Emerton told Professor Werner was ‘to [his]considerable advantage’ because ‘if [the University]did attend you would have got less because they would have argued some of the claims.’

However, West Hampshire Magistrates Court, the same court where the original 90-minute tribunal case was heard, has now set aside the original ruling and sum to be paid.

A new date for the tribunal will now be set, with all of the evidence set to be re-heard.

In a statement on the SUSSED news platform, the University said that they are ‘pleased with the outcome of the hearing and is grateful to the court for granting a further opportunity to present [their]substantial evidence in this case.’


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