Winchester Vice-Chancellor Demands that Climate Change is Treated as a Priority


Joy Carter, Vice-Chancellor of Winchester University has, in the last week, urged her fellow V/C’s to make Climate Change the most important agenda at their respective institutions.

Mrs Carter, who has served in the post of V/C at Winchester since 2006, was heavily critical of other universities as well as her own, telling Times Higher Education  that they were doing ‘nowhere near enough’ to prevent the impending threat of  climate change.  The Professor questioned why more Vice-Chancellors were not outspoken enough campaigning for a major overhaul in Universities approaches to rising CO2 emissions and temperature increase.

Her statement has been echoed by fellow academics such as Professor Paul Chatterton, a member of the teaching staff for Urban Futures at the University of Leeds.  He said that despite the small changes that have already been made, it is currently not enough, leaving a grave warning that ‘This is not a dress rehearsal, we don’t get another chance at this.’

The University of Southampton currently has it’s own dedicated Energy and Climate Change team that focuses on researching ways of obtaining sustainable energy as well as the reasons as to why the demand for energy is so great and how it can be supplemented to achieve a better way forward in terms of climate change.

For more information, visit The University of Southampton Research Site.


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