Keep Cool and Carry On: Southampton City Council’s Advice in This Record-Breaking Heat


With today being the hottest July on record, Southampton City Council has released some advise on how to cope with the heatwave.
As part of their ‘Keep Cool and Carry On’ campaign, they have compiled a list of tips and tricks for how to cope with the heat in Southampton which, today, has seen heights of 30C.
Their advice is as follows:
  • Drink plenty of water to remain hydrated.
  • Wear cool, loose clothing for ventilation.
  • If you’re going outside, wear suncream or a hat – especially if your job requires you to work outdoors!
  • Take steps, such as closing blinds, to keep office and home areas cool.
  • It’s advised not to go out during your lunch break, but if you do, try to keep out of the sun and avoid any strenuous activity.
  • Keep active chores like DIY or gardening to the cooler parts of the day – early morning or late evening.
  • Stay vigilant of heat-related illnesses like heatstroke or sunstroke.

For more advice, Southampton City Council also recommend that you look at the beat the heat advice provided by Public Health England as well as some tips to stay cool provided by the NHS.

Cllr David Shields, Cabinet Member for Safe and Healthy Communities, said:
Thursday is on track to be the hottest day of the year, a Level 3 heat alert, so we are advising people to use common sense and caution when they’re outdoors. Drink plenty of water, stay in the shade and recognise if you or a friend begins to experience heat stroke — symptoms can include headache, thirst, loss of appetite and pale or clammy skin in adults and may include sleepiness in children. Move into a cool place and give plenty of water. It is especially important to check in on babies and young children, older people and disabled family, friends and neighbours, as well as those working outdoors or on medication or with medical conditions, since they are more vulnerable than others to the effects of the heatwave.

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