Extinction Rebellion Set to Protest Carnival Cruises in Southampton


Extinction Rebellion have announced that they will be protesting in Southampton this Saturday, the 27th of July. This is due to their alleged dangerous pollution of the air and water in the city.

They are protesting the company, who are currently sponsoring the popular ‘Seaside In The Square’ event in Guildhall Square. Extinction Rebellion are planning to pair a petition with non-violent but disruptive protest. It is set to be a colourful and vibrant protest, aiming to raise awareness of the issues they find with Carnival Cruises and it’s contribution to the melting glaciers.

These are not the first environmental accusations directed at Carnival. Their sister company, Princess Cruises, were recently fined £15.7 million for environmental violations and record falsification. This is whilst on probation for a penalty of £32.5 million in 2017 given for the illegal dumping of oil.

Extinction Rebellion have said:

From dumping in the oceans to increasing the demand for fracked natural gas as a response to air quality legislation rather than considering electrical hook up conversions, Carnival do not seem to understand the climate emergency and the role it is playing… Extinction Rebellion does not wish to choke. It is serious

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