Office for Students Issue First Refusal on HE Provider Registration


Due to quality and governance concerns, the Office for Students has ruled that the Bloomsbury Institute Limited cannot be included on the register of providers in a first for the regulator.

On 4th July, the Office for Students (OfS) published a notice stating that the Bloomsbury Institute Limited, which offers business, accountancy and law degrees awarded by the University of Northampton, cannot be included on their register of Higher Education providers due to concerns over quality and governance. The OfS currently regulates the sector, and this is the first time they have made such a decision.

Inclusion on the OfS register of providers is necessary for a provider’s students to access loans through the Student Loans Company, meaning that new students starting courses at the Bloomsbury Institute Limited after July 31st will not be able to access publicly funded student loans through the SLC. However, existing students will still be able to access this funding in order to complete their courses.

Although all universities have been included on the OfS register, a number of for-profit providers, including two of the biggest for-profit colleges regarding the number of students receiving SLC funding, St Patrick’s College and GSM London, are still awaiting decisions on their applications. However, the publication of the OfS notice regarding the Bloomsbury Institute Limited suggests that further decisions will be forthcoming.


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