Alleged Gun at a Southampton Cemetery Was Actually a Water Pistol


Armed police were called to Hollybrook Cemetery after false reports of a gun in the area. 

The cemetery in the Shirley region of the city was evacuated and blocked off around 6.30PM on Monday as police searched for the gun and a group reportedly “acting suspiciously”.

There were reports from residents that they had heard gunshots and had seen a real gun.

One local who was at the cemetery reported:

‘I know there were three or four cars, and I saw about six or seven people. Some ran one way and another got in the car down here, and stuff fell out of his boot.

‘It wasn’t very nice and the police left with something white, I don’t know if anyone was arrested but the men pretended it wasn’t them. I heard gunshots, shouting, and they were trying to smash up someone’s car with people in there.’

Another said: 

‘It was a big incident that happened at around half six to 7PM but how serious it was I don’t know.

‘Police said it was guns, but it doesn’t scare us. They blocked everything off so I asked what was going on and the police refused to say why the cemetery was blocked off.’

A spokesperson for Hampshire Police said: 
‘We received reports shortly before 6.30PM yesterday of a group of people acting suspiciously in Hollybrook Cemetery. Officers attended and received third party reports that a gun, or what was believed to be a gun, was seen.’

‘The cemetery was cordoned off for a short time while searches were conducted. As part of our enquiries officers spoke to those in and around the cemetery and further reports were made saying a large water pistol was seen.

‘No offences were identified and the cemetery was reopened.’

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