New LEGO Store Coming to Southampton


The store will be opening in Southampton’s Westquay. Although an official release date hasn’t been announced, LEGO have said it will be soon. The opening is expected to be before Christmas.

LEGO already have 14 stores open in the UK and, alongside the Southampton one, will be opening a new store in Birmingham in the coming months.

The store will contain a Pick ‘n’ Mix where customers will be able to fill cups with LEGO pieces of different shapes and colours.

There will also be brick specialists to help customers find the “perfect fit” of LEGO.

People will be able to scan any box of LEGO and the digital 3D box will show what the project will look like when it is fully built.

A mini-figure tower will be built so people can customise their own personalised LEGO figures from a choice of heads, tops and bottoms, hair pieces and accessories.

The full range of products that you can only get online or in official LEGO stores will be available. Stranger Things: The Upside Down LEGO figurines are among those available, as well as the LEGO Creator Expert Harley Davidson Fatboy.

VIP members will have exclusive access to gifts with purchases and double-points events.

Every month there will be free build challenges and events.

Alison Wood, LEGO Stores UK, Benelux & Scandinavia District Senior Manager commented:

Builders of all ages can visit and be inspired by the endless play opportunities inside our new LEGO stores in Birmingham and Southampton.Whether you’re 1 or 100 there is something for you to get excited about.


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