Southampton Common Lake Contaminated


Residents and dog walkers on the Common have been urged not to go into the boat lake due to contamination. 

The Lake, Southampton Common
Credit: Hugh Venables/Geograph

The lake was closed after some unconfirmed allegations that the lake has paint in it, but the Council said to the Daily Echo it was actually ‘algal bloom’.

Many on social media have raised concerns swans, ducks and geese may have been harmed by toxic substances in the water. The Daily Echo sourced one social media user who claimed that:

It [the lake]has been contaminated, either with toxic algae or paint, depending on who you speak to. The wildlife in the lake is being poisoned, including the swans and cygnets, and the water is toxic.

As well as this, another social media user posted what she claims is a statement by Southampton City Council regarding the issue:

City council parks staff have again this morning added two more tankers of water to the lake to add more oxygen for the fish etc. Most of the severe algae bloom has been dispersed algae still remains in the lake therefore signs and barriers will remain in place as council in consultation with other agencies decided otherwise. Park staff continue to monitor health and welfare of water fowl on a regular basis.



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