Temporary Sensory Garden Opens At Westquay Esplanade


A new flower garden, open to the public free of charge, has been installed outside the entrance of Westquay South in Southampton. 

The temporary installation, based at The Esplanade, can be enjoyed for two weeks before it closes on 11 August. The immersive experience has been billed as a family-friendly oversized garden which will complete the Westquay experience of ‘retail, dining and leisure’, according to general manager Andy Collyer.

Visitors of the site will be able to lap up the floral pathways, the Over Grown Greenhouse, and giant bird cage, as well as have a drink at the Jim & Tonic’s Gin Bar, at which you can infuse your drink with flavours from the herb garden.

There are also a host of activities taking place at the Sensory Garden before it closes its doors, including the Flying Tiger garden games and pop up stall on the 6th and 7th of August between 11.30am and 4.30pm.

Alongside the aesthetic features of the garden, The Esplanade is also hosting a performance pergola featuring acoustic live performances to support the creative atmosphere of the floral crown making, crafts, and cocktail masterclasses.

The Esplanade has been the site of numerous local events in recent years as part of Westquay efforts to appeal to the community service sector. In February, it saw the Festival of Light bring the city alive with unique light displays like the classically-inspired Planetarium and interactive Lightbattle activity.

The garden is open to visitors 11.30am til 7.30pm Sunday through Thursday and 11.30am til 9.00pm on Friday and Saturday.


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