Bubble Drop is Coming to SUSU


Southampton University students will be able to get their bubble tea fix right on their doorstep, as SUSU posted the news on their official Facebook page that Bubble Drop is coming to our campus.

Bubble Drop already have a store on level two of Southampton’s West Quay shopping centre. The Company prides itself on being ‘independent and authentic’, and they try to work with the highest quality products that come from Taiwan. Their drinks are ‘vegan friendly and dairy free if you wish, meaning a majority of students can enjoy their bubble tea fix no matter what.

Emily Harrison, Vice President Student Communities 2018-19 and now Union President for 2019-20, revealed she was working on bringing bubble tea to SUSU with a post on Facebook in April 2019 stating: ‘To all the people asking for Bubble Tea in SUSU- I hear you and I am working on it I promise. Stay tuned’.

The interest for bubble tea in our Student’s Union arose out of the ‘You Make Change’ campaign from last year, where Emily Harrison posted a poll about it in August 2018 saying :

This is something which we tried once before a few years ago but did not seem to have consistent interest. If we were to sell Bubble Tea would this be something people would like and buy?

In this poll, 52% voted for ‘I would deffo buy this’, a majority but not an overwhelming amount. Nevertheless, in July 2019, SUSU announced Bubble Drop’s arrival on our campus on their Facebook page.

Our Student’s Union have previously tried to bring the popular drink to campus back in 2013, where ‘Pearls Bubble Tea’ was opened, but this didn’t have enough consistent interest and was instead replaced by the diner in 2014.

In the light of recent news, such as the ‘David Attenborough effect’ promoting the war on plastic waste and the wider social movement surrounding it, some students have rightly questioned the sustainability of this venture due to potential plastic usage that comes with packaging bubble tea. In the comments of the facebook announcement, one student stated: “Yay, nice! I wonder, would we be able to make it a bit more sustainable than most bubble tea chains? They always come with plastic cups, plastic straws etc, and that’s my gripe with it.” and another student agreed “there’s a lot of plastic packaging with bubble tea – any way to make it more sustainable?”. These are valid questions to be asking, so hopefully SUSU will work closely with Bubble Drop to consider plastic alternatives to package their yummy drinks in.

Emily Harrison has provided Wessex Scene with a statement on the exciting news:

I’m so excited that we are finally getting Bubble Drop at SUSU. It’s a project that I started last year in my role as Vice President Student Communities as a response to a lot of student demand so I’m very happy to see it finally come to fruition. Being a Sabbatical Officer is all about doing things to improve student experience so I hope everyone enjoys it! If there’s something you think needs improving please let me or one of the Sabb team know!


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