Universities Demand PM Support on Funding


Universities in the UK are seeking assurances from new Prime Minister Boris Johnson that he provides the funding and research opportunities that are deemed vital to the progression of Higher Education.

Mr Johnson held the position of Shadow Minister for Higher Education back in 2005, shortly after David Cameron became the leader of the Conservative Party.

In the wake of Mr Johnson’s victory, Universities UK (UUK) are demanding that the new Prime Minister ‘cement the world-leading reputation of our universities’ by increasing support from the government.  This includes backing funding for improved post-study work visas. This was abolished in 2012 when Mr Johnson’s predecessor Theresa May was Home Secretary.  A new bill proposed by Mr Johnson’s brother Jo along with Labour MP Paul Blomfield would see the return of post-study work visas if passed in parliament.

UUK have also called upon the Prime Minister to maintain Universities’ ties with the European Union despite the impending date of Brexit on October 31st.  Mr Johnson, who has been a staunch supporter of Britain’s exit from the EU, has maintained that Britain will leave on the date in question ‘no matter what.’  However, the Russell Group (Britain’s 24 leading Universities) have implored the Prime Minister to maintain collaboration with research partners in the EU to help further progress the quality of research and study within the UK itself.

The Russell Group tweeted:


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