Vandalism Forces YoBikes’ Scheme To Leave Southampton


Despite having only been operating in Southampton for just one year, the cycle scheme has announced it will be leaving the city on August 14th in an email sent out to customers.

The scheme, which started in 2017, allows its users to unlock and ride bikes around the city by using an app.

It has not yet been confirmed why the city-wide bicycle hire scheme will be vacating Southampton as of the time of writing, but YoBike Operations Director David Munday had suggested a year ago in 2018 that acts of vandalism towards the bikes could mean that the scheme was in danger of closing, although he did later dismiss that idea.

Yobike has said that

Even though we are stopping YoBike operation in Southampton, we are not leaving. We still believe bike-sharing is a great solution to problems such as congestion, pollution in a modern city. Therefore, we will provide a new subscription-based model of sharing through employers and corporates.

Cllr Jacqui Rayment, cabinet member for transport and place at Southampton City Council, said:

We were disappointed to see that the parent company of the national YoBike scheme has decided to withdraw its bikes from public use in Southampton. This was a privately run and funded service operating independently of Southampton City Council.

Although this particular operation has had to cease, we continue to believe that a bike rental scheme can be successful in Southampton with the right approach. We will be looking at this with our partners in the near future as one part of our commitment to deliver a greener, cleaner more sustainable city for all.

More information on bicycle storage, maintenance and general upkeep for UoS students can be found here

SUSU operates a ‘Bike Doctor’ scheme on the Redbrick on certain days during term time.


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