University of Southampton Invites Staff and Students to Nominate Honorary Degree Recipients


The University of Southampton have made an open call for students and staff at the university to nominate people for the award of Honorary Degree and Fellow of the University. Nominations close on Monday September the 16th of 2019. The person must somehow be linked to the University and applications must detail thorough reasoning behind the nomination.

When submitted, the applications will initially be sent to the appropriate faculty for endorsement, before going to the Honorary Degree Advisory Group that helps narrow down the applicants. Finally, the President and Vice-Chancellor will present the recommendations for the Senate and Council to approve.

Honorary Degrees and Fellow of the University awards differ, and in making their decisions the Honorary Degree Advisory Group will take following points into account:

Honorary degrees

  1. Recognition of an individual’s intellectual, creative and/or academic achievement.
  2. The recognition will be evidenced by international, or at the least national, distinction in the nominee’s field.
  3. Evidence of a direct link to the University of Southampton or to the City of Southampton.

Fellow of the University

This award is intended to reward those who have an established connection with the University. Potential Fellows of the University of Southampton will:

  • Support the interests and welfare of the University of Southampton or of a particular part of the University’s activities.

  • Foster the links between the University and other institutions within and without the United Kingdom.


For further information on the cause and process, as well as access to the nomination form, go to the Honorary degrees/Fellow SharePoint site.


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