Southampton Has The Fifth Highest STI Rates Outside Of London


Excluding London, Southampton’s sexually transmitted infection (STI) rates are only surpassed by Brighton, Manchester, Blackpool and Salford. Alongside Brighton and Hove, Portsmouth and the county of Hampshire, Southampton’s STI rates are forecast to be both increasing and worsening. However, in all other areas of the South East of England, there is either no significant rise or there is a decrease in transmission rates.

According to Public Health England, across the country, new STI diagnoses shot up by 5% in 2018. Nationally the average diagnoses rates per 100 people tested are 0.85%, which falls below Southampton’s average of 1.22%. It has been found that in Southampton there are 1,227 cases of STI per 100,000 people.

Anthea Morris, Director of Better2Know, a sexual health provider which analysed this data, has stated:

Our analysis shows that cities and metropolitan areas tend to have higher proportions of positive STI tests results than rural areas, with hotspots around London, Hampshire and the North East of England.

However, we were surprised to discover that political and financial centres such as Westminster and the City of London have some of the highest STI rates in the country, way surpassing even other large metropolitan areas and popular university towns such Birmingham, Manchester and Southampton

These findings illustrate the importance of regular testing in order to prevent infections from worsening and spreading, as well as the practice of safe sex. For more information, visit the Contraception and Sexual Health Service at Royal South Hants Hospital or order a free and confidential testing kit online.



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