Southampton Third Worst City for Car Crime in South of England


It has been revealed that Southampton is the third worst city in the south of England for car vandalism and theft, behind Portsmouth and Bristol. Between April 2017 and March 2018 more than a 1,000 vehicles were stolen in the Southampton area and 1, 379 vehicles were stolen or damaged in the last year, according to MoneySuperMarket.

In early July, fifteen cars were vandalised in one night with most situated on Defenders Road in Woolsten. The vandalism spree cost owners from £85 – £300 in damages, and significant distress. Southampton City Council as well as local MPs have expressed concern over the result, with Councillor David Shields pointing to the cuts in austerity as part of the problem, as well as the slashed number of police officers in Southampton since 2010. Royston Smith, MP for Itchen, further emphasised the role of the police by expressing his hope that the planned 200 extra police officers in Hampshire would help reign in the problem.


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