University of Southampton Student Launches Sustainable Fashion Search Engine


A student of the University of Southampton has launched a search engine which will help people to find fair and sustainable clothing online. 

Marcella Wijngaarden, a postgraduate researcher in the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences, along with her sister Melissa and friend Noor Veenhoven, have launched Project Cece in the UK after seeing its success in the Netherlands and Germany.

The company, the name of which stands for Conscious Clothing, is connected with over 300 brands and stores which sell fashion on an ethical basis.

The sisters were inspired to launch an online presence for sustainable clothing after seeing the negative effects that the fast fashion industry has on the environment. Marcella, who has just finished a qualification in programming, said, ‘[t]his should be easier, there should be a website that brings it all together, like an Amazon of conscious clothing‘ – and so she launched Project Cece.

One feature of the site is the filters which allow users to choose clothing based on their ethical values, including vegan, Fair Trade, Eco-friendly, and locally produced fashion. In a bid to soften the negative consequences of fast fashion, which is currently the world’s second largest polluter, only behind oil, whilst remaining accessible to the mass market, the sisters alongside their friend Noor have launched the website which also takes into account users’ budget restrictions, style preferences, and certification from sustainability organisations.



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