New Hobbit Managers Release Lengthy Statement On Official First Day


In a Facebook post today, the new owners of The Hobbit pub on Bevois Valley Road announced it is under new management and will keep the best bits of The Hobbit, while working on plans to make the pub embrace a new vision.

The post, signed Jack & Hanson, said:

The Hobbit has been taken over by new owners, effective immediately. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we are unable to open the venue to trade until Friday. This is due to legal compliance work that needs to be done, and is unfortunately out of our hands.

To reassure regular patrons, the new owners will keep the theme and much-loved aspects of the pub the same, including the popular ‘Pint Cocktails’.

The management have said they have experience in the hospitality sector with one member of the incoming team having ran the Shooting Star bar and restaurant in the city centre for the past three years.

They announced plans to renovate the pub in the upcoming years and wish to expand on the well-loved elements of the pub by making “a big push on live music, renewed artwork on epic scales, a varied and reasonably priced range of drinks and cocktails, and really embracing the theme of the venue and pushing to its absolute fullest.

The team have asked for thoughts, ideas and feedback which they wish to listen to, though they have also said not to expect any big changes until 2020, while they settle in. They want to “understand the venue and customers fully”.

Current staff will be kept on, so they should face no risk of redundancy. Furthermore, in the spirit of starting anew, previously barred patrons will have their bars lifted (with the exception of violence and drug-related bans) so they have “a second chance to enjoy the venue”. However, the team have said that anyone barred from their other venues, the Shooting Star and The Black Phoenix, will also be barred from The Hobbit.


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