SUSU Sabbaticals Join Protest Against Parliament Prorogation


President Emily Harrison, VP Education & Democracy Jo Lisney and VP Welfare and Community Laura Barr attended the manifestation organised to protest the controversial Parliament prorogation, desired by PM Boris Johnson, last Saturday in Southampton.

The protest was not affiliated to a specific party and was attended by both Brexit protesters and supporters, under a recurring theme of “cohesion”. Both the SUSU President and VP Welfare and Community took the stand at the protest to condemn the Parliament prorogation, judged “unconstitutional” by many opponents.

The SUSU sabbatical officers attended the protest as a consequence of last May’s all-student vote, the result of which overwhelmingly favoured SUSU being in support of a national campaign for a People’s Vote on Brexit: of the 17.5% students who voted –  the highest turn out for a vote held by SUSU – more than 82% were in favour.

As many students have expressed their concerns over the current political situation in the country, especially considering many are international students and/or EU nationals, SUSU sabbatical officers have taken the pledge to support them and let their voice be heard during these challenging times, including by holding monthly information sessions on Brexit and by clarifying the situation on social media in the near future.


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