Southampton GP Survey results down from 2018


A new survey into patient happiness in Southampton has seen a drop in GP Satisfaction.

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GP approval ratings dropped to 77%, ensuring that Southampton remained below the national average of 83% for another year.   The results were published in a nationwide survey with 760,000 GP surgeries taking part.

Surgeries such as Bath Lodge Practice and Chessel Practice are seen as the main offenders, with their own approval ratings hovering at just over the 50% mark.  Indeed, these practices are set to merge in an attempt to improve their services, in a controversial move that will affect some 10,000 patients.

However, the results have been painted as mainly positive by the local NHS Clinical Community Group, who released a statement praising the local Surgeries on their performances.

“We are pleased to see there has been some improvement on last year on almost all of the questions for Southampton GP practices.”

Despite this, Southampton City Council member Dave Shields branded the results as a ‘concern’ that the overall figure of satisfaction was well below the national average.

The general responses to GP Surgeries in East Hampshire as a whole was a lot more positive with an approval rating of 87%, above the national average.  In terms of student satisfaction, two of the main University Surgeries of Highfield Health and University Health Service attained ratings of 83% and 84% respectively.


A full list of each Surgery and it’s approval rating can be found here:



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