Iconic Southampton Pub For Sale


Town Quay’s Platform Tavern, an iconic staple of Southampton, is up for sale according to the Daily Echo.

Stewart Cross, the pub’s owner, says he “can’t afford to make ends meet”. When he took on the establishment it was rundown and unpopular, and he has transformed it into a traditional English watering-hole.

The landlord said: “I feel sad. I have been here for 22-years but for the last four years or so trade has been going down. The pub trade is tough. We are still popular but the amount of people drinking is reducing. It’s tough running a pub that does not make any money. The trade is a struggle at the moment and it is not just me. It is the climate. We have repainted and even tried to turn the pub around. I can’t afford to retire but until I sell the place I am stuck here.”

The historic public house would have, a century ago, had a clear view of the Titanic disembarking from Southampton docks, but Cross has over the past few years attempted to modernise the location, incorporating regular live music acts and quality craft beers to punters’ experience. Platform Tavern has been listed for sale with Christie and Co.



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