Hampshire And Sussex Most Dangerous Counties For Cyclists


Nearly 10% of country-wide cycling accidents causing injury in the past year occurred in Hampshire, despite the Southern county being home to only 2% of the UK population. This is according to claims.co.uk, who gathered police statistics through Freedom of Information requests.

In August, the Daily Echo reported that cyclists were more likely to be injured in Hampshire than in any other county. However, new figures obtained by The Argus revealed that Hampshire’s record of 567 crashes in 2018 was surpassed by Sussex’s 600 crashes.

The New Forest’s Ipley Crossroads is believed to be one of the worst black spots in the country.

Members of Southampton Cycling Campaign have blamed aggressive drivers for Hampshire’s shockingly high number of collisions. Also, members argue that an over-reliance on car-use is to blame due to poor public transport links across the county.

The Campaign’s Facebook page has shared Councillor David Harrison’s statement urging readers to ‘be cautious of stories like this‘. Harrison notes that ‘Hampshire is one of the biggest counties in the UK, so a simple count up of cycling-related incidents doesn’t really tell you that Hampshire is any more dangerous for cycling than anywhere else.‘ He proceeds to allege that the figures were compiled by a company seeking to raise their profile and pursue compensation claims.


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