Hyperspeed Broadband Comes to Southampton


Tech company ‘Toob’s’ new hyperspeed broadband network will now be coming to Southampton’s city centre after a £50m investment.

The Daily Echo has reported that:

“Toob’s network is now operational in Southampton, delivering incredible 900Mbps speeds on both download and upload. The company is hoping to deliver the network to more than 100,000 properties in the city, working with both residents and businesses. The broadband provider is investing £50 million into the city to provide super-fast broadband and are working with the city council.”

They further shared that Nick Parbutt, CEO of Toob, said: “This is another great step in bringing the benefits of full fibre connectivity to Southampton.

“It is fantastic to see our network working and delivering the speeds and performance that we expect.

We are very excited about the next steps as we start to deploy the network and start connecting customers to toob’s hyperspeed broadband.”

Furthermore, Councillor Christopher Hammond, leader of Southampton City Council, said: “Toob’s making fantastic progress in rolling out their network.”

Toob is a South Coast based business and they are encouraging local businesses and individuals to register their interest on their website.


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