Experts Predict Southampton Could Be Smoke Free by 2040


New research has been conducted by Frontier Economics to show that Southampton could be a smoke-free city as soon as 2040. 

Other cities set to go smoke-free in the not too distant future include Manchester in 2029 and Sheffield in 2030. The research commissioned by Philip Morris Limited places Southampton in the bottom third of the rankings of areas across the country to become smoke-free, and is approximately 12 years behind West Berkshire (2028), the first part of the country to completely stop smoking.

According to the Daily Echo:

The report predicts that the Government will miss its “smoke-free” goal of 2030 by around a decade, unless further action is taken. To meet its target, a total of over four million smokers would need to quit or switch to a less harmful alternative – an extra 2.3 million over and above existing forecasts for the next 11 years. The research also highlights a variety of measures and policy interventions that could speed up the decline in cigarette smokers to just five per cent by 2030.

With the rise of concerns about vaping in the UK and the US, there is debate surrounding whether the smoke-free goal remains an attainable task.


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