Southampton To Become ‘Tech Capital of the South’ After AI Boost


Last week, Southampton City Council took a bold step into the digital era by signing off on a plan to ensure that the city and its residents are not left behind in the new age of technology.

The plan came as a result of an Inquiry into ‘The Future of Work in Southampton’ and revolved around trying to increase the opportunities that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have in employment and industry within the City.  The Report also looked to consider the disruptions it is likely to cause workers who may find themselves deemed unnecessary by their employers as a result of the growth of AI in Southampton.

It is believed that AI is set to add a further £232 Billion to the UK economy, allowing for rise in spending power per household by the year 2030.  However, the presence of AI is set to see a decrease in employment, due to the automated nature of the roles that AI will perform in certain businesses.

The Plan however, has been seen as positive by Southampton City Council Leader Christopher Hammond.

‘The findings from the Future of Work in Southampton inquiry and the supporting action plan to meet its recommendations demonstrate the vision, drive and ambition we have for the city’ -Christopher Hammond

Mr Hammond also praised Southampton for preparing for what he called the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’

Some of the ventures announced in the Action Plan include plans for Hyper Speed Broadband across the City, as well as a Network Eagle Lab to assist Businesses and Start-Up Entrepreneurs


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