Centenary Building Now Open on Highfield Campus


Last week, the University of Southampton opened to students and lecturers its new Centenary Building on Highfield Campus. Students returning to the university will remember the building was near-completion last year, having been undergoing construction since 2016.

Situated between the interchange and Salisbury road, the new seven-storey university building features common learning and independent study spaces and has been praised by students and staff alike for its ‘amazing’ views on higher floors.

It has an 80 seat Harvard lecture theatre which is designed to provide a more intimate dynamic between lecturers and students. It also has an even larger 250 seat standard lecture hall.

The University of Southampton have commented:

the Centenary Building represents a substantial investment in learning and teaching facilities on the Highfield campus.

The building will be Building 100 on the campus map which, alongside its name, reflects the University’s 100-year anniversary of the Highfield site. Highfield Campus was opened in 1914, but no lectures could take place due to the outbreak of World War I.


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