BAFTA Awards £180,000 to Various Scholarship Winners


The British Academy of Film, Television and Arts (BAFTA) have given away £180,000 to global scholarship recipients studying film, television or games at universities in the UK or in the USA. Along with funding for their university courses, the recipients received free entry to BAFTA events and personal mentoring from BAFTA members, award-winners or nominees.

Three people were also awarded the Prince William sponsored by BAFTA and Warner Bros. which includes a short-term paid internship at a Warner Bros. company, mentoring from a Warner Bros. employee and access to several industry masterclasses. The recipients also met Prince William at the launch of BAFTA Piccadilly.

Former scholarship winners have gone on to work on films such as The Edge of Tomorrow, My Dinner with Herve, The Entertainer and Ghostbusters. In an industry notorious for a lack of job security, this is an opportunity to gain invaluable insight to the industry, as well as a way to be supported studies and secure practical experience.

You can see the list of 2019-20 BAFTA scholars here.


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