Southampton and Romsey Protesters Join Extinction Rebellion in London


Rebels from Southampton and Romsey have taken to the streets of Central London to join Extinction Rebellion’s climate change protests.

Since Monday 7th October, Extinction Rebellion and allied movements have gathered in London and other major cities worldwide to continue to rebel against the world’s governments for their inaction on the climate crisis.

Rebels from Southampton and Romsey have joined other Rebels from the South East Coast, where they have collectively taken control of Whitehall as their main base of action. The protest action includes a samba band, artistic performances, funerals for lost species and musical statues all within the areas of Trafalgar Square and Whitehall.

Esther Dovey, a rebel, from Romsey said: ‘Monday was full of energy, with Samba bands, singing, and dancing, despite the rain and a strong police presence. An impressive array of tents sprang up in the evening in Whitehall, and plenty of food was on offer. Tuesday was even busier- we joined in with some supportive chanting while a group of locked and glued rebels were in the road near Parliament.’

The police presence in London has been strong, although the protests are undoubtedly stretching the Metropolitan Police Force to its limits. Chris Stevens, of Romsey, said ‘Although the police have taken most of our infrastructure and food, they can’t take our spirit and we will remain here for at least two weeks unless the government acts.’

Extinction Rebellion protesters have glued themselves to buildings after being warned they faced arrest. On Thursday, the protests spread to London City Airport, where a Paralympic medallist climbed on top of a British Airways Plane, another man refused to sit in his seat and delayed a flight by nearly two hours.

Climate change activists camped overnight to maintain and secure their stronghold over parts of central London. The Police have asked activists who have been demonstrating close to the Houses of Parliament in Westminster to move their protests to a single site in Trafalgar Square or risk arrest. The protesters have said that they were willing to risk their liberty for the cause for failing to comply with orders to move their protests to Trafalgar Square. In response the Police served a Section 14 notice, to relieve pressure and contain the protests, before physically removing those who had camped out in Westminster.

More protestors from Southampton and Romsey are expected to join the rebels in London over the weekend.



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