Hampshire Pub With a Menu For Dogs Could Soon Be Crowned The Most Dog Friendly Pub in The Country


The Red Rover pub, in West Wellow, is in the final to be crowned the most dog-friendly pub in the country. The pub boasts its own dog menu and claims to have more dogs than people visiting.

When the manager, Emma Dodge, took over the running of the Red Rover six months ago, she made it her mission to make the pub ‘more dog-friendly’. As a proud dog owner to four dogs herself, she was familiar with the struggle of finding ‘somewhere which is dog-friendly so the dogs could go indoors’. With the pub being set in the idyllic New Forest, a hub for dog walkers, she wanted to create a place where they could socialise with their favourite furry friends. The pub has a whole section for dogs, it even has an ale barrel which is covered in paw prints.

The Red Rovers ‘A Dogs Dinner’ Menu includes ‘A bowl of bangers’, ‘Tongue Lickin’ Chicken and Rice’ and ‘A pawfect meal’ which is a rump steak served with seasonal veg. All dogs also receive a complimentary Bonio for pudding. Emma said ‘we had one person come in with her four dogs and they all had dinner here, it has really taken off.’

The awards are being run by DogFriendly, and they ‘recognise and reward dog-friendly places and pet businesses that go the extra mile for the benefit of the UK’s 9.4 million dogs and their owners.’. The DogFriendly Awards have three categories: the Best dog-friendly place, best dog-friendly workplace and best dog-friendly business. The Red Rover has been nominated in the best dog-friendly place category that covers subcategories including pubs, hotels, days out, shops, beaches and so much more.

The 40-year-old manager, Emma Dodge, said: ‘It was a public nomination and then we pushed it in house, and I got a call last week to say we were going to London on November 2nd for the awards ceremony.’ The Red Rover has been nominated in the pub category.


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